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#NoDapl Activist Terrorizes and Attacks Pipeline Security with Knife in “Direct Action”

On May 6th, around 930p, Kalife Hill from Rio Rancho, NM is a protester who has been living at Cheyenne River Camp. Sources report that Kalife was expelled from camp after getting drunk and fighting with the camp leader. Kalife (photo below) and others had been discussing and demanding to use more violent tactics to stop the pipeline.

Kalife claims he was thrown out of camp for hitting a camp leader. Kalife went to nearby pipeline area and attacked security worker that was in his vehicle on guard. Kalife tried to break the window of the vehicle out using his knife. When the security guard backed up his vehicle as an evasive maneuver, Kalife slashed a tire on the vehicle.

LE responded to the scene arresting Kalife, who is now facing multiple charges from criminal trespass, criminal mischief, felony terrorizing, and disorderly conduct.

The Cheyenne River Camp is a very small camp on private land, near the location where the original Oceti Sakowin illegal protest camp was built. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has been providing support and supplies for this camp and is rumored to be providing assistance for other camps as well. After the events earlier this year where the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe leadership and council demanded the camps be closed followed by their request to Law Enforcement to evict “trespassers”, the die-hard activists and transients moved to start more than a dozen other camps.

A core group of protesters providing drones, multimedia for propaganda and deceptive documentaries, vehicles, supplies, and more have been moving from camp to camp providing guidance, training, and organization with other camps. These groups have made their intents for sabotage, violence, and”direct action” quite clear, even though the public facing voice of these camps is limited to healing, “water protection”, prayer, and non-violence.

Of concern is frequent rhetoric for direct action, affiliation with other violent groups, and open support by some #NoDapl activists for ANTIFA, who has called for open violence against conservatives with knives and responsible for multiple riots.

For more information, see this KFYRTV article.

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