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The Sorry State of Standing Rock

Illegal poaching and animal abuse. Torture and abuse of at-risk elders. Rape. Drug-smuggling. Alcohol abuse.  Arson. Hatred. Violence. Anarchy. Deception. Lies. The list goes on. If you have spent any time in the camps recently, you know exactly what we are talking about, even if you are too embarrassed to admit it, or you have been threatened to keep quiet.

Everything that was good about Standing Rock and the original protest has been warped, perverted, and twisted with ugliness and hate. This is the true black snake we were warned about. Something subtle and insidious, slowly consuming and corrupting things.

The wise council and leadership of the tribe has called for closing the camps and rejected the elements demanding violence, sabotage, and “direct action”. They have distanced themselves from those doing evil acts in the name of being a spirit warrior or a water protector. There are those that spew violence and hate while their forked tongues claim that they are praying for peace and that they are the innocent and wronged ones.

We can debate the pipeline all day long, and who is right, or who is wrong, and we can certainly point fingers at the oil companies and at the tribe(s), but this is all a distraction from the cancerous betrayals that continue to drag the cause and the tribe towards hatred and loss.

Look at what has been wrought. This past week the remaining “protesters” have split into several groups with escalating tension and disagreement without any clear leadership. The campgrounds will be flooded when the snow melts, poisoning the water supply with the vast amount of trash, feces, and other things you don’t want in your water supply. The celebrities have long gone (after they took their 15 minutes of glory and self-aggrandizement as cultural heroes and social justice warriors). The true nature of many of the protesters has been revealed, many criminals, or merely those with no respect or consideration of the tribe to start with. Now they openly target and antagonize law enforcement, and drink themselves into a frenzied and desperate stupor, screaming “Mni Wiconi” as a call to violence, still claiming to be peaceful and prayerful.

The activists and protesters have cost the Standing Rock Tribe and the overall cause nearly all credibility and moral ground. The flood of donations from the public have slowed and nearly stopped. The lack of free money, diminished publicity, and disillusioned protesters, have taken their toll.

#NoDAPL has lost its relevance and those that still cling to it as some sort of moral cause or rebel banner are becoming the joke. Mni Wiconi has lost meaning as “water is life” and is being co-opted as an eco-terrorist rallying cry to violence, sabotage, and the opposite of nearly everything that Native American culture usually stands for.

Hard decisions need to be made and the elders of the Tribal Council need to band together and stand up with one voice. They must engage with law enforcement and the local communities to clean the ecological disaster of a camp as soon as possible. The protesters must be disbanded and sent home. Those that have committed crimes need to be turned over to the authorities. The Tribe needs a reset. Then they must rally and restore public opinion to their side. They must reject all of the violence and hate that has occurred thus far and fight the battle in court and in public opinion. Fighting on the bridge and deceiving the public about the facts does nothing but destroy the cause and undermine the legitimacy of the Tribe.

We have taken some time over the holidays to see how things were going to develop, and we are going to be releasing more news soon, as well as some articles and videos asking hard questions and exposing the true facts. We will hold those eco-terrorists and activists accountable. Wes Clark and Michael Woods need to account for the money they took and where it went. Sophia Wilansky will have her day in court and the truth will come out there about what really happened. Those that have been poaching animals, slaughtering livestock, and torturing animals, will be caught and face the consequences.

Things are in a sorry state for Standing Rock and the discredited #NoDAPL protesters. They may never recover. However there is still hope. There is always at least one voice in every protester live video calling for things to calm down, or to reign in the vile cursing and insults hurled at law enforcement. There are still true water protectors and spirit warriors among the false black snakes corrupting the camps. We pray that eyes are opened, clarity returns, and those evil elements are cast out of the area.

The World is Watching. How will Standing Rock be remembered when this is over? Will we remember the historical gathering of the Seven Council Fires and the unity to stand up against corporate interests? Or will we remember the hate, violence, and deceptions from the protesters as well as the anti- government, anti-energy, anti-law enforcement, and anti-democracy, and anti-white propaganda spread by the radical activists and eco-terrorists that subverted the Tribe?

Think and pray about it. More soon.

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