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Could you lose Citizenship and Security Clearances by Joining Wes Clark Jr.’s Militia at Standing Rock?

This is interesting and a little disturbing actually. According to a new source of ours (and we have NOT been able to verify this, so take it with a grain of salt), any active duty, reservist, or ex-military veteran joining Wes Clark Jr.’s “militia” to “deploy” at Standing Rock for the purpose of conflict against law enforcement, and other State and Federal Agents, are technically doing so for a Sovereign Nation, and at risk of having their US Citizenship REVOKED, as well as lose any security clearances.
[Note: Clark’s GoFundMe page says: “calling for our fellow veterans to assemble as a peaceful, unarmed militia at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Dec 4-7”]
Note that this is NOT the same as being on site and participating as a protester or as an objector exercising their conscious by standing with Standing Rock. We think that is a good thing, and we honor and respect that. They could certainly use help with food, water, clothing, winter gear, legal support, the list goes on. This is what we do as Americans and this is how we act. We bring order to chaos when and where we can (although it doesn’t always work ut that way).
The difference here is that simply *joining* a militia or military organization (no distinction for armed or unarmed) that is positioned against the US Government in one form or another…as part of a Sovereign Nation. Remember, Native American Tribes are considered Sovereign Nations.
We here at Netizens think that is a stretch and everyone should be fine, but at the same time, this is concerning. Wes Clark Jr. and The Young Turks Network (a “news” organization he is a co-host for) is inciting ex-military types to effectively become mercenaries for a Sovereign Nation. If the National Guard or other Federal Agencies are involved and Clark’s little army gets into a scuffle with them…well it isn’t a big leap to wonder if the US Govt might not play hard ball, revoking any security clearances, and throwing the UCMJ at anyone wearing green.
Good luck ever working another job for the Government or a Government Contractor again. Is this a risk people are willing to accept? Protesting is one thing, getting into conflict with law enforcement and government agencies is another.
If you are going to Standing Rock, be advised. We think you should support and protest all you like, that’s what this Country has fought for, but we would advise all ex-military to stay very far away from Clark’s Mercenary Militia. Assuming they show up and this isn’t a staged news event for The Young Turk Network. Clark’s gofundme has raised more than $500k now and they keep raising the amount. Easy money apparently.
We support the Standing Rock Tribe and their cause, but not the radical elements or the calls for violence and attacking law enforcement. Stop the Violence.
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