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Sadly, Retired Military Now Heading To Pipeline Protests

Ex-military figurehead Wes Clark Jr., who has never seen combat, but appears to have a hero complex and delusions of military grandeur (a dangerous combination to be sure) has convinced himself that the U.S. Government and Law Enforcement agencies fall into the category of “enemies foreign and domestic against the Constitution”.

As such, he has decided to play Army as a self-styled glorious leader, sending out an “operations order” for a three-day “deployment” of other similarly radicalized ex-military types of questionable character and motivation.

Yes, you heard that right. An ex-military veteran is calling for a “deployment” of other veterans to join in the protests and violence at Standing Rock…against law enforcement.

It is apparent, in the interview with, that this guy is eager to play army or a game of Jihadi Jack and Jill (running up the hill to “save a pail of water”). He and his “soldiers” are completely buying into the cultish propaganda that claims the government and the pipeline are somehow actively targeting and poisoning people, carrying away children from the protester camps at night, and threatening the sanctity of the country as a whole.

The level of idiocy and self-absorbed sanctimony coming from Clark, Jr. is is almost beyond imagining and completely clownish in its exaggeration

[Editors Note: We have repeatedly spoken in support of peaceful protesters and true “water protectors”, while speaking out against the radicalized eco-terrorists that have subverted the name and meaning of ‘water protector’ to justify and rationalize their actions for their own agendas and outsider activist groups. We have a deep sense of respect for innocent protesters that are legitimately protesting and standing on principle. Keep that in mind as you read this article.]

On one hand, the general says his cause is “100% nonviolence”, but this is tremendously in conflict with is other statements. Here are a few directly from the interview, both from Clark himself, and his co-conspirator, Michel A. Wood Jr.

“Most civilians who’ve never served in a uniform are gutless worms who’ve never been in a fight in their life,”

“we are there to put our bodies on the line, no matter the physical cost, in complete nonviolence to provide a clear representation to all Americans of where evil resides.”

“We’ll have those people who will recognize that they’re not willing to take a bullet, and those who recognize that they are,”

“If we’re going to be heroes, if we’re really going to be those veterans that this country praises, well, then we need to do the things that we actually said we’re going to do when we took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.”

According to TaskAndPurpose (about halfway through their post):

Vets Standing For Standing Rock was announced via an official sounding letter formatted like a five-paragraph military operation order, breaking down the “opposing forces” — “Morton County Sheriff’s office combined with multiple state police agencies and private security contractors” — “Mission,” “Execution” and “Logistics,” among other things.

A packing list virtually mirrors the ones issued to soldiers preparing to deploy to the field (minus the weapons). But there are also parts of the document that read like a revolutionary manifesto. Under the section titled “Friendly Forces,” for example, the op order states, “we are there to put our bodies on the line, no matter the physical cost, in complete nonviolence to provide a clear representation to all Americans of where evil resides.”


With an eye toward the media, old military uniforms will be donned so that if the veterans are brutalized by the police, they are brutalized not as ordinary citizens, but as people who once served the government they are protesting against. Then body armor, ear plugs, and gas masks will be issued to those who didn’t bring their own. Bagpipes will play, and traditional Sioux war songs will be sung.

The music will continue as everyone marches together to the banks of the Missouri, on the other side of which a line of guards in riot gear will be standing ready with rifles, mace, batons, and dogs. Then, the veterans and their allies — or at least the ones who are brave enough — will lock arms and cross the river in a “massive line” for their “first encounter” with the “opposing forces.”

The goal is to make it to the drilling pad and surround it, arm in arm. That will require making it through the line of guards

Most of the rest of the Task&Purpose article is loaded with false and misleading statements about the whole Dakota Access Pipeline situation, much of which has been debunked in the media or in court documents, multiple times, but since the truth doesn’t fit the narrative and would likely choke contributions to their GoFundMe page for their “deployment”, the facts are conveniently disregarded.

The disgusting thing here though, is the idea that ex-military veterans (even if they have never actually seen combat) could be so ignorant without checking the facts, and being so fond of their own over-inflated ego that they think they are doing the right thing in “the bravery business” (their words) to join increasingly violent protests against law enforcement and completely legal construction on private property.

They have devolved into the thing that militaries and mercenaries everywhere are despised for using violence for personal gain and subverting the very foundations of peace, order, and the rule of law. Now that some of the rioters are under investigation for attempting to deploy improvised explosive devices and outright attacking police with rocks, slingshots, and more (compared to rubber bullets and water hoses, who is really using brutal and escalating violence?), these guys are making all military veterans look bad, and they will be joining eco-terrorists. They are too stupid to see the bigger picture and dangerous situation they are placing themselves in.

At this point, we feel we should be clear about one thing. We are not speaking out against the Standing Rock Tribe, nor are we against the peaceful protesters. Far from it. We respect and support them, and their cause, based on the original principles and peaceful intentions.

However, each day fewer and fewer Native Americans are involved, and more and more radical activists are busing in from out of town. The tribal leadership has lost control, and even their recent unanimous vote to kick out the so-called Red Warrior tribe (all troublemakers hungry for violence and bloodshed rationalizing their actions as protecting water). Nearly ALL of the more than 500 arrests are not of Native Americans…it is from the others, all hailing from the usual suspects of racial antagonists, eco-terrorists, and others that are anti-government, anti-energy, and loudly anti-American. The silence from Chairman Archambault and others in Tribal Leadership is deafening.

We also have a deep and abiding respect for anyone that has served in the military, but these clowns are way out of line and inflaming the situation for their own glory. We have had a fountain of ex-military veterans across the country messaging us on Facebook and other places, asking us to post about this and make it clear that these guys are ‘playing Army’ and they do not represent other veterans. If anything, freshmen cadets in high school JROTC have more credibility and maturity than Clark and Wood.

We do expect them to show up in uniform, maybe march around the fields around the law enforcement barricades, tooting their horns and bagpipes, giving other protesters and live streamers a nice parade. If they get too close to the law enforcement line with their army gear and their riot shields, and attempt to attack the police or break the defense line, maybe they will be shot with some rubber bullets.
This is course would only serve to embolden their narcissistic view of themselves, and they will be telling their grandchildren of how they were wounded in combat in glorious action in the semi-frozen fields of North Dakota in 2016. Maybe, just maybe, they will take our their purple construction paper heart to show off to young and innocent eyes.

Mister Clark and Mister Wood…don’t bother. Stay home and watch Oliver North tell War Stories on the History Channel. You can at least stay respectful and you might learn a thing or two about peace, honor, and respect. If you really feel strongly about the Standing Rock Tribe and their cause, then donate ALL the money you raised for your “deployment” for food for the Sacred Ground Camp. Then use your voice, your blog, and your social media accounts to speak out against the escalating violence and terrorist tactics of the radical organizations that have infiltrated the camps. That is how you defend the country (and Native Americans) from enemies foreign and domestic.

Update: Wes Clark Jr. the ex-military guy calling for a “deployment” of other ex-military types to fight law enforcement has been linked to radical leftist internet “news” program, The Young Turks, where he has been a co-host since 2004. This is yet another organization with its own agenda taking advantage of the Standing Rock Tribe for their own gain. Violence = news = more ad revenue. What are Young Turks? “a progressive, revolutionary, or rebellious member of an organization, political party, etc, esp one agitating for radical reform” Google it. Explains a lot now, doesn’t it?


Task & Purpose “Where Evil Resides: Verans to ‘Deploy’ to Standing Rock to Engage The Enemy”

Business Insider: “Veterans are planning a ‘deployment’ to Standing Rock to protest Dakota Access Pipeline”

Daily Caller: “Former Military Officer Plans Deployment of Veterans to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline”

Note: Images below are used for illustration and are not actually pictures of the clowns mentioned in this article. When we have photos of them marching around and parading their big egos, we will be sure to post them here, exposing them for the ludicrous wannabes that they are.








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