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Breaking: Standing Rock Chairman Archambault Offers “Deepest Gratitude” to Wounded Rioter Under Investigation for Terrorism

Dave Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, waits to give his speech against the Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access oil pipeline during the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

Dave Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, waits to give his speech against the Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access oil pipeline during the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

In a statement released to the press related to wounded rioter, Sophia Wilansky, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault offers “Our deepest gratitude, thoughts and prayers are with water protector Sophia Wilansky and her family…” He claims that she sustained injuries to her arm from a concussion grenade.

However, Sophia Wilansky and several others are allegedly under investigation for placing improvised explosive devices (IEDs), one of which exploded prematurely, injuring Sophia and doing grievous damage to her left arm. Initial reports claimed different reasons and excuses for her injuries, and the most popular deception is embraced by Chairman Archambault and perpetuated by his statement.

On the same day that Elouise Cobell, a tribal community leader for the Blackfeet tribe, and tremendous advocate for Native American self-determination and financial independence received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Chariman Archambault doubles down on his support for Sophia and other eco-terrorists masquerading as protesters and “water protectors” by advancing the narrative that Law Enforcement launched an attack against a camp in the middle of the night.

This claim that law enforcement attacked a camp is an outright lie . Footage provided by Unicorn Riot shows raw footage (albeit heavily edited) showing rioters charging a law enforcement barricade on a bridge in the middle of the night, throwing objects, setting fires, trespassing on private property, physically and verbally assaulting officers, and attempting to destroy property. This is all in contrast to the narrative that they and others attempt to propagate on social media, nearly surpassing the intellectual dishonesty and outright deception practiced by Chairman Archambault in his statement.

The Chairman further claims that an estimated 300 “water protectors” were treated for injuries and blames it on the “reckless escalation of violence by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department” which is “unconscionable and preventable.” Yes, Chairman Archambault. It is unconscionable and preventable…or it would be preventable if you were in control of the so-called protesters. This entire disaster is rooted in false claims that Archambault made at the beginning of this fiasco and spiraled out of control as outsider agitators, professional protesters, and eco-terrorist groups became involved. Now, even with other Tribal leaders demanding an end to violence, ejection of rioters, and a near unanimous vote to disband the infamous Red Warrior camp (the Chairman did not vote), Chairman Archambault’s weakness of leadership, dishonesty, and arrogance have increased racial tensions, directly contributed to the escalation in rhetoric and violence, and have done nothing to find a peaceful solution with the pipeline or the government. Further, the Tribal Council, under Chairman Archambault’s “leadership” has set aside funds for potential litigation against law enforcement instead of condemning violence.

He who has ears, let him hear. He who has eyes, let him see.

More people are beginning to speak out against the protesters and their tactics ranging from setting fires, throwing rocks, assaulting construction workers, threatening phone calls and emails, death threats and racial attacks, defacing WWII memorials, blocking roads and impeding emergency vehicles, slaughtering livestock and Bison, and now training in hand to hand combat and engaging in terrorism like any radical Islamist terrorist. A bomb is a bomb, and Chairman Archambault’s statement is all but an open endorsement of Sophia Wilansky and the allegations of her involvement in attempting to use IEDs against law enforcement as part of the riot. The tolerated presence, support, and involvement, of Black Lives Matter, Palestinian Youth Movement, Black Panther Cubs, Mississippi Stand, and many other anti-government, anti-energy, anti-capitalist, anti-american, and anti-democracy groups simply underscores the radical nature and swirling cesspool clothed in thin and threadbare garments of supposed justice and sanctimony.

The sad thing here is that the members of the Standing Rock tribe aren’t like this. They are decent people who are legitimately concerned about their safety, their water source, and the future of their children. Many are still deceived by Chairman Archambault’s lies, but a growing number are doing their own research and discovering the truth about the pipeline. Unfortunately, dissension is looked down on, and there are rumors that some people are not allowed to leave the protest camps and effectively held captive against their will. Others are increasingly angry about the ongoing vandalism, violence, and near constant threats to locals (including Natives). Counter protests are increasing and many simply want to protect their own neighborhoods from the rioters.

The historic gathering of the seven council fires of the Sioux at the beginning was tremendous and awe inspiring to behold and think about. The shame is that this event that had so much potential was based on a deception and will go down in history as an embarrassing moment for the Sioux nation that will forever mar their reputation, particularly that of the Standing Rock Tribe.

If the leadership does not immediately condemn Sophia Wilansky and all other “protesters’ that participated in the riot, and eject all individuals calling for violence or “direct action”, they will lose any shred of credibility and moral high ground that they may yet still cling to. The window to turn this around, restore peace, restore reputation, and seek a peaceful resolution to everything is dwindling fast. Winter is here and tolerances for the terrorist tactics employed by protesters and outsiders is coming to an end. Now that an IED was used, this changes things significantly to the disadvantage of the Tribe.

The weak statement from Chairman Archambault, and near endorsement of the terrorism, will serve to embolden the radicals that have been hungering for more violence, more “direct action”, and stoke the fires of rebellion and anarchy. Already this has gotten the attention of radicalized ex-military wannabes who are on the way to Standing Rock to feed their hero complex and engage in direct conflict with law enforcement, under the sick disillusion that they are defending the country against domestic enemies. These clowns need psychiatric evaluations, but until then, they are coming, they are going to be armed, and they are going to be very dangerous. How many young radicals will be inflamed and swept up in their glory battle worship to fight?

This is not the way of the Sioux nation. This is not the way of the Standing Rock Tribe. This is not the way of law-abiding and peaceful peoples. There are those that value integrity, peace, reconciliation, and the high roads. We hope they find the strength to band together and struggle against the cancers that have invaded the cause and the tribe. Time is short and evil breeds when no one stands against it.

#NoDapl is no longer about Tribal Rights or Protecting Water. It has become a rallying cry for hate and eco-terrorism that will only continue to spread like a wildfire until someone lances the putrid boil that it is with new leadership and a cleansing of the camps for a return to peace and legitimate protest. Any celebrities that continue to voice support for #NoDapl as it currently stands is making the conscious choice to endorse and support terrrorism, anarchy, violence, and a host of other things. They should rebuke the leadership and stand with the people, demanding change.

Chairman Archambault needs to take responsibility and resign. He can focus on raking in the dollars from protesters at his gas station.

Please. Sioux for Peace. Who stands against violence? Who stands for truth?

Side note: You would think that Unicorn Riot would change their name to Unicorn Protest and not be so obvious about their true intentions.

One last note: Injuries from flashbangs and concussion grenades are usually marked by burns. Not gaping wounds of missing flesh.

[This is the best collection of facts and analysis.]

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