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NoDAPL Protester Could Lose Arm… Why?

Originally posted on our facebook page

Would you be willing to lose an arm for a just cause? What if you found out later that you were deceived by others? Would it still be worth it?

Last night, several hundred protesters massed and approached a bridge near one of the DAPL construction sites, where some large construction vehicles were parked, a barrier with fence and barbed wire was placed, and law enforcement / security forces were on guard.

Under the cover of dark, claiming to be simply praying and peacefully protesting, protesters shouted curses, racial insults, threw rocks at law enforcement, and started some fires. Then they attempted to use a chain and a tractor to attach to the construction vehicles and pull them off the bridge.

While the police responded appropriately with water cannons to put out the fires and disperse the dangerous crowd (also using tear gas), the chain attached to the vehicles snapped and grievously wounded a female protester wearing a green jacket and a black champion fleece underneath.

Her left forearm is horrifically wounded, with a massive chunk gone, exposing torn muscle and ligaments and a large section of bone. We have some first hand accounts of this and photos from an anonymous source that is interested in getting the truth out there. This wasn’t caused by law enforcement, it was caused by dumbass “direct action” protesters that think they are doing the right thing without any consideration for the safety and welfare of honest protesters nearby that are caught up in things.

The horror of this poor woman’s wound is not where the story ends though. Several hours passed between the accident and when an ambulance was finally called in to help this woman. During that time, it is our understanding that she was left in the back of a vehicle. Why was she neglected? Why did it take so long to get her help? Did it not fit the narrative pushed by other groups in the Sacred Ground or Red Warrior Camp? Was she deemed as a good story to twist by Pyramid Communications (the Seattle PR firm taking credit for pushing the NoDAPL message and narrative)? When is such a protest (well, riot if we name things well) more important than the safety and well-being of its participants?

If you have first hand knowledge and can corroborate any of these details or if you can provide a correction, please let us know, and help us get this woman’s story out. If you know who she is, please keep her name to yourself for her privacy please.

We hope this is a wake up call for everyone. The tribal leadership has to stand up and take responsibility, and restore order. The agitators and direct action activists need to pack their bags and go home. Celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Shailene Woodley, Jesse Jackson, and Bernie Sanders need to apologize to Standing Rock tribe and other tribes for perpetuating the false claims and untrue facts that have prompted so many people to send money or take up arms themselves, risking their safety for the greed of eco-terrorists, the wealthy billionaires behind radical environmental causes, the owners of the oil by rail, and many others.

The Tribes need to come to terms with the facts and the realities of the situation, and seek a peaceful resolution with the pipeline and all other parties that have a vested interest here. There is little time to still save face and fix this.

We have elected to not post all of the images of the wounded woman here because the photos are extremely graphic and we do not feel it would add much to this article beyond shock value. [Note: Due to numerous requests in private message on our Facebook page asking for more information or calling our our image as fake, we are adding the additional images here.]

We are saddened that things have come to this and that leadership from the Standing Rock Tribe and the Obama Administration have “let things play out”. Protesters claim to be doing what they do as “water protectors” or “spirit warriors” on behalf of the tribe, but they do so out of ignorance of the facts and embracing eco-terrorism tactics and violence. This is not the way of peaceful protesters, or I suspect, of the Standing Rock Tribe.

What say you?

UPDATE: Several sources (facebook) have suggested that this injury is the result of a) picking up a flashbang and attempting to throw it back at police, upon which it exploded; b) she was hit with a “concussion grenade” (according to gofundme for medical fees). We will update as we get more info. We are confirming if there is a link to a gofundme page where you can donate for medical expenses.

UPDATE 2: We woke up this morning to a mountain of emails and private messages. Many calling this fake, saying that she can’t be found, and that there are conflicting causes for the wound. We do have some first hand accounts that witnessed her initial medical treatment (by law enforcement). We are sure this is a real person with a real wound. We have NOT been able to confirm where she is or her current medical status, and we have NOT been able to confirm reports that she was injured from an improvised explosive device (IED) created from a small propane tank that prematurely exploded in her arm. This does seem to make sense with the type of injury, and video from Unicorn Riot shows an explosion that occurred, so this is, in our opinion, the most likely story. That aside, she was wounded horribly and raising money for her medical care should be considered regardless of how she got injured.

Additional notes: It has been claimed that she was hurt after picking up a flashbang/concussion grenade to throw back at law enforcement (some unicorn riot videos show some men doing this), which would have done damage to her hand, not forearm. It has also been suggested that she was shot by a concussion grenade while fleeing or running away…in which case, the injury would not be on the front of her forearm, but more likely on her back or legs.

ANY information to corroborate any of the above or shed light on what actually happened from a first hand account would be appreciated.



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