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Who The Pipeline Protesters Really Are: 5 Shocking Truths People Don’t Know About Them

Folks across the entire midwest should pay attention to what’s happening with the oil pipeline protesters, as it could impact their lives in dramatic ways. Here are the biggest facts out there, which haven’t been discussed in mainstream media.

1. There’s a vast schism between the different groups who are opposed to the pipeline construction

The local Native American tribe has been joined by an activist community. These two groups are peaceful. However, a third group has emerged and stolen the headlines. They’re a very aggressive, anarchist-type group that is frustrating the peaceful movement taking place here.

This third group of activists and agitators has angered the peaceful groups, who actually have asked them to leave.

This is not about the heart of the Standing Rock tribe that’s concerned for its issues. This is about the hateful and violent activists and anarchists that are overwhelming the tribe, and turning their cause into one of blind rage against society, progress, order, and the environment.

The Native Americans are beginning to call out for help in ridding themselves from the cancer of these protesters.

2. Many of these protesters are criminals


A great number of the paid protesters have a history of criminal activity, including domestic violence, child abuse, and have been arrested for theft, robbery and burglary. Some are paid and others are addicted to vandalism and chaos.

They’re being shipped to North Dakota and paid by special interest groups who encourage them to cause chaos, damage equipment and attack the people in charge of protecting private property.

3. Most social media accounts are wrong


According to social media, these protesters are victims who are being mercilessly attacked and abused by law enforcement. However, as media has reported, these stories are false propaganda designed to gain support and money donations.

The truth is, these false “water protectors” have been provoking private security guards and local police, attacking them and threatening their families. Threats of death and violence have been made against law enforcement, construction workers, and private citizens.

In some cases, these “prayerful and peaceful” protesters have even stalked law enforcement at their home addresses.

4. Video footage shows paid protesters are not peaceful

This footage shows the protesters being trained in hand to hand combat techniques and MMA fighting by the Black Panther Cubs. Many on scene wondered why this group is training to fight.

5. The bad protesters have taken their protest outside of the North Dakota region as well


Recently, this group defaced a North Dakota World War 2 memorial. Many Americans are outraged and claim that this isn’t the way to gain popularity for their cause, as it goes against their message of peace.

They also failed to acknowledge that there were many Native Americans who served in World War 2.

Celebrities like Jesse Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, and Shailene Woodley are publicly supporting this group. Recently, people have started questioning what’s being reported on from groups like Unicorn Riot, and Democracy Now.

They have been misled with their messaging, and they are supporting and encouraging people to violence, hate, crime and chaos.

This is not what the Standing Rock Tribe is about. As more details emerge, law enforcement is monitoring the situation in North Dakota to see how the tribe and other peaceful activists are able to handle this aggressive small minority.


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