Saturday , October 21 2017
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Show Me The Money or “A Little DAP’L Do Ya”

So apparently all you have to do is create a GoFundMe account and claim the money is for DAPL protesters, and people that lack critical thinking skills will throw money at you. You get more if you say you are a Water Protector which sounds much better than saying you need it for drug money or in case you need bail money after assaulting innocent construction workers. Get rich quick!

To be honest, I’m surprised that these sites haven’t frozen these accounts or shut them down outright. These people are raising money to break the law, engaging in criminal behavior, spreading hate speech, and inciting others to violence. What really blows my mind are the negligent parents that are endangering their children by dragging them to the dirty camps that are overrun by outsiders (many with criminal records) or exposing them to violence and using them as human shields when law enforcement or private security is attacked by “prayerful protesters”.

To be fair though, it seems that some money from the Legal Defense Fund (which I highlight below) may be in use for posting bail for some individuals that have been arrested. My questions:

  • How many of these people are not Native Americans from Standing Rock? Are you supporting the tribe, or any criminal that gets arrested for vandalism or assault?
  • Who is receiving the money and where is it at? Are these people licensed to practice law in North Dakota? Check with the ND State Bar to find out.
  • Peaceful protesters never need a defense fund. Violent protesters throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement or setting fires to barricades blocking highways do need defense money. Is this really what you want to donate money to? You would do more good donating to a Native American college fund or something.

Why are there multiple efforts on multiple platforms? Who are these people?

Fundraising Update

Sacred Stone Camp: $961,969 raised (Goal: $1,000,000 on

Legal Defense Fund: $647,888 raised (Goal: $750,000 on Run by Angela Bibens and the “Red Owl Legal Collective” (see the picture below)

Red Warrior Camp: $57,335 raised (Goal: $100,000 on

Red Warrior Camp Legal Defense Fund: $70,411 raised (Goal: $100,000 on

Stand4StandingRock: $61,900 raised (Goal: $53,500 on

Winterize Water Protectors Camp: $11,355 raised (Goal: $32,400 on

$650k in donations gets you a snazzy whiteboard.
$650k in donations gets you a snazzy whiteboard.

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